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    A. C. Ping

    A little book with a big agenda, Be invites readers to ask--and answer--thereally important questions about being and being hap...
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    Ten years ago A. C. Ping's life was sailing smoothly. He was married and looking to buy a home, his career was on the fast track, and he had plenty of friends and family to support him. Then, within three short years, his marriage fell apart, he quit his job, two people very close to him passed away, and everyone began to question where his life was headed. Instead of wallowing in self-doubt, he took a deep breath and a step back and learned to live all over again. Then he wrote Be an illuminating book aimed at provoking the exploration of life's important questions: What is my purpose? What do I believe in? How can I transcend the self? and How can I be happy? Meditative and philosophical but adamantly non-preachy, Be is a little book with a big agenda (and a cut-to-the-chase voice) that prompts readers to search their souls and transform their lives from the inside out.
    • Format: Paperback
    • Publication Date: 03/08/2004
    • Publisher: Marlowe & Co
    • Illustrations: black & white illustrations
    • Country of Origin: United States
    • Pages: 160
    • Dimensions (mm): 184x114x12mm
    • Weight: 185g