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    That This

    Susan Howe, James Welling

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    Susan Howe's newest book of poetry is a revelation as well as a mystery.
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    What treasures of knowledge we cluster around. That This is a collection in three pieces. Disappearance Approach, an essay about the sudden death of the author's husband ( land of darkness or darkness itself you shadow mouth ), begins the book with paintings by Poussin, an autopsy, Sarah Edwards and her sister-in-law Hannah, phantoms, elusive remnants, and snakes. Frolic Architecture, the second section - inspired by visits to the vast 18th-century Jonathan Edwards archives at the Beinecke and accompanied by six black-and-white photograms by James Welling - presents hauntingly lovely, oblique text-collages that Howe (with scissors and invisible Scotch Tape and a Canon copier) has twisted, flattened, and snipped into inscapes of force. The final section, That This, delivers beautiful short squares of verse that might look at home in a hymnal, although their orderly appearance packs startling power: That this book is a history of a shadow that is a shadow of Me mystically one in another another another to subserve The still-new century's finest metaphysical poet. -The Village Voice
    • Format: Paperback
    • Publication Date: 31/12/2010
    • Publisher: New Directions Publishing Corporation
    • Illustrations: Six black-and-white photographs
    • Country of Origin: United States
    • Pages: 112
    • Dimensions (mm): 229x152x10mm
    • Weight: 170g