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Due to technical issues with the presentation of ebooks on our site, Whitcoulls regretfully advises we can no longer display the Kobo ebook catalogue.

 If you would like to browse or buy ebooks please click here to go to the kobo website.

Kobo accepts all major credit cards, however they are unable to accept Whitcoulls Gift Cards.

If you previously have bought ebooks via Whitcoulls website (prior to November 12 2013) your elibrary is now accessible on the Kobo website. You will be able to use the same email address and password to access this account that you have been using with your Whitcoulls account. Login to your Kobo account. All your ebooks that you have already bought will be in the Library. Once you commence purchasing in the Kobo site, these eBooks will simply be added to your existing Library.

If you have any questions about ebooks or your Kobo ereader please contact the Kobo Customer Service team: 0800 447 828

You can also email your questions to help@kobobooks.com

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