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Whitcoulls Rewards

Whitcoulls Rewards is an exciting program where you earn points for every dollar you spend*. When you reach 100 points, we’ll give you a $5 Reward.

Whitcoulls Rewards Members also get access to exclusive Member only deals, competitions and bonus point offers. Plus sign up for our regular Whitcoulls Rewards emails to keep up to date on the latest releases, offers, competitions, and events.

How do I redeem my $5 Reward?

Your Whitcoulls $5 Reward can be redeemed at any Whitcoulls Store or online on our website. Your Whitcoulls Rewards card must be physically presented in store to redeem your Rewards balance.

Rewards can only be redeemed in full $5 increments. Where the purchase price in a single transaction is less than the value of the Rewards you wish to redeem you will be unable to redeem your Rewards.

Unredeemed Rewards will expire 8 weeks after the date on which they were credited to your Card.

The $5 Rewards cannot be used for the purchase of Lotto, prepaid envelopes, stamps, gift cards and is not redeemable for cash.

How can I check my Rewards balance?

You can sign in and check your balance here. This will take you through to logon to your account. Once logged into your account you will be able to access your Rewards points and balances, along with purchase history. While there you can also create a Wishlist, sign up to receive emails and update your details.

Your balance will also appear on your receipts.

When you reach 100 points on your Whitcoulls Rewards card you'll receive a $5 Reward - it happens automatically and they are stored on your card and you will be able to see this when checking your Rewards balance.

Which categories can I redeem Rewards for?

You can redeem your Rewards on most categories including Books, Stationery, Games, Toys, Puzzles, Art & Craft. You cannot redeem Rewards on Lotto, prepaid envelopes, stamps, or gift cards.

Will I collect Whitcoulls Reward Points when I am redeeming a Whitcoulls $5 Reward?

You don't earn points on the $5 Reward, but you will earn Whitcoulls Rewards points on the portion of the transaction that isn't paid for by the $5 Reward.

Do I get discounts with my Whitcoulls Rewards card?

One of the benefits of Whitcoulls Rewards membership is special member only deals. We'll let you know of Whitcoulls Rewards Exclusive offers via email, in store and online.

What if I forget my card in store?

Team members can look you up using your phone number so you can earn points, however, for security reasons you will need to present your physical Whitcoulls Rewards card to redeem Rewards.

How do I change my details?

By either signing in and updating your details online, updating your details in store, or calling 0800 904 584.

How do I get emails/texts from Whitcoulls Rewards?

Sign in here to update your account details. This will take you to our Whitcoulls homepage to logon to your account. Once logged into your account you will be able update your details. Also make sure you tick the box so we have permission to send you emails about exciting Whitcoulls Rewards news and events. You can update your preferences again at any time.

What if I lose my card?

You can order a replacement Whitcoulls Rewards card in store

Can I gift Points/Rewards?

Unfortunately points and Rewards can not be transferred to another membership.

Can I have multiple cards on the same membership (e.g. for my daughter or husband)?

No. You can have only one active card per membership. This is for your security as whoever has the card can spend any Rewards that are on it.

What do I do if I have two cards?

Call 0800 904 584 during business hours and we can assist with creating one membership for you. This cannot be completed in store or online.

How do I cancel my Whitcoulls Rewards membership?

You can cancel it by calling 0800 904 584 during business hours.

How do Whitcoulls Rewards points work?

For every $1 you spend you earn 1 point, except for purchases of Lotto, prepaid envelopes, stamps and gift card purchases.

For every 100 points accumulated you will receive a $5 Reward to spend in store. Points are stored on your Whitcoulls Rewards card and are added to your membership the day after you have reached 100 points and are valid for 6 months from the date they are earned. Points do not have any value until they are converted into Rewards, and cannot be exchanged for cash, gift cards or any Whitcoulls products.

You can redeem your Rewards online or in store. Your Whitcoulls Rewards card must be physically presented in store to redeem your Rewards balance.

How do I join Whitcoulls Rewards?

Joining is free and can be done in any Whitcoulls store or online. Join now

I already have a Whitcoulls Rewards Account but I haven’t had an account on the website before, what do I do?

If you have registered your email address against your Rewards account already, you can enter either your email or your Rewards Card number to sign in online. Both can be recognised by the website but you will need to create a password first. Hover your mouse over the Login heading and then click on Forgot Your Password? Enter your email address or Rewards Card number, and we will send you an email with a link to create a password.

If you haven’t got an email address recorded against your Rewards account or you aren’t sure, please Contact Us so we can help you get sorted.

How do I enter the monthly Whitcoulls Rewards competition?

With Whitcoulls Rewards, you can win a $50 Whitcoulls Gift Card each month.

Every time you make a purchase at Whitcoulls and use your Whitcoulls Rewards card (either in store or online), you will get one entry. You will get a bonus extra entry for every $50 you spend in that transaction, i.e. $50 = 1 additional entry – a total of 2 entries, $150 = 3 additional entries – a total of 4 entries

I signed up online, can I still earn points even if I don't have a card?

You earn points immediately for valid website purchases once you have joined.

Where can I use my Whitcoulls Rewards card?

At any Whitcoulls store. You dont need a card to use your Rewards account online - simply login using the email address registered to your Rewards account. You will receive Whitcoulls Rewards points for qualifying items and prize draw entries (where applicable) with every eligible purchase when you swipe your Whitcoulls Rewards card in store, or when you transact an order online when signed into your account.

How will I know if I have a Reward?

Check your Rewards balance here - this will take you through to the Whitcoulls homepage, to logon to your account. You will need to be signed in to your Account. In most cases it will also appear on your receipt when you make a purchase, and you can ask in store. Rewards are available to be redeemed the day after they are earned.